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Individual Belts for Knife Making

Knife Making and Blacksmithing both require top-quality abrasives.  Whether it’s high carbon steel or high alloy, most metals used in these trades can be difficult to grind or sand.

When grinding plunge lines, belts that run true are an absolute necessity to knife makers.  Our customers regularly compliment us on how true our belts run, as well as the reliability and integrity of our belt joints.

Both knife making and blacksmithing often use these popular size belts. We stock nearly every variety of grain & flexibility from 36 to 2000 grit in these sizes:

2 x 72

1 x 30

1 x 72

2 x 42

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Belt Kits for Knife Making

We created the Original 2 x 72 Starter Kit to provide an economical way for beginners to determine which grits will work best for their needs. That kit was so successful, that we now offer an Ultimate 2 x 72 Starter Kit, as well as kits in other sizes.

Click on the size below to order or to see the contents of each kit.

1 x 30 Starter Kit: $59.23

2 x 42 Starter Kit: $60.60

2 x 72 Firestorm II Kit (12 Pc.) $90.57

2 x 72 Firestorm II Kit (40 Pc.) $296.63

2 x 72 AO/J-Flex Kit (8 Pc.)

2 x 72 AO Firm Kit (8 Pc.)

Scalloped Edge 1 x 72 and 2 x 72 Sanding Belts (both fit 2 x 72 grinders)

Available in 120, 220, 400, & 600 grit. Great for shaping handles. The scalloped edges help prevent gouging when working contours – especially on soft handle materials.

Tip: The 1″ belts are easier to use because you don’t have to worry about the trailing edge of a wider belt. Also use with light tension to maximize flexibility.

Felt Belts

They are a great alternative to leather strips. Felt belts can be used with or without compound.

TIP:  Customers that use compound, generally prefer to dedicate each felt belt to a particular compound.

 1″ x 30″ Felt Polishing Belt
 2″ x 72″ Felt Polishing Belt 

Popular Sanding Belt Materials

Firestorm Ceramic (stiff backing) (Original & Firestorm II)

 XK870X = Original  |  XK885Y = Firestorm II

Ceramic Alumina, X&Y-wt. 100% Poly, 24-120 grit: Our “Original” Firestorm is a stiff X-wt. material. Our newest product, “Firestorm II” is a stiff Y-wt. Firestorm II features improvements to the grain structure allowing each granule to “micro fracture” more often. The grains stay sharp, last longer and create more consistent “grind lines” with fewer deep scratches. Both products feature a grinding aid to reduce work piece temperatures and loading. Works best with medium to heavy pressure applications on stainless steel, titanium, and other super alloys.  Will also show great results on most other metals. Good for both narrow & wide belts.  Due to the grinding aid, they are designed for dry use, but can also be used wet.

Zirconia Alumina Cloth (stiff backing)


Zirconia Alumina, Y-wt. 100% Poly, 24-120 grit: This is the “Original” Green Belt that is often imitated. Today it is still the top performing Zirc belt on the market.  Featuring a durable polyester backing, and top sized grinding aid that helps reduce workpiece temperatures.  Heavy pressure helps to properly break down the grains and keep this belt sharp.  Great for all your hardest to grind metals, and even excels on aluminum, due to the grinding aid which helps prevent loading. Good for both narrow & wide belts. Due to the grinding aid, they are designed for dry use, but can also be used wet.

Blue Ceramic (soft J-Flex backing)

JS997 or 052J

Now you can enjoy the high performance of ceramic grain in the finer grits. Long lasting, self-sharpening grain works best on metal. CA/J Ceramic Plus: Ceramic, J-wt. Poly/Cotton, 80-220 grit: High-performance flexible product with a grinding aid.  

Great for polishing or when using the “slack” of the belt.  Does NOT require heavy pressure to remain sharp.  Works great on carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium & high-grade aluminum.  Good for narrow belts, dry use or with spritzer.

Aluminum Oxide

XA911 = General Purpose  |  XA167 = General Purpose Economy

AO works great on steel, wood or composite materials and is available in several different backings, from soft to stiff.

General purpose X-wt.

Green Aluminum Oxide Cloth (soft J-Flex backing)


Our  Green J-Flex is our most popular AO J-wt. belt. It is stocked from 80-800 grit, (800 grit is brown).  The extra flexible 100% cotton backing works well for customers who like to tear their belts to a narrower width.

This is not your average j-flex belt. It is made with Premium Blue Fired Aluminum oxide, J-Flex 100% Cotton, 60-600 grit:  A highly flexible product with a grinding aid for use on most metals and hardwoods.  Easy to tear to narrower widths.  Great on stainless steel, brass & other alloyed materials (very popular with Knife makers for both blades and handles).  Our most popular J-Flex belt.  Primarily used for narrow belts, dry use or with spritzer.

Blue Aluminum Oxide Film (soft Film backing)


These film backed belts are available in extremely fine grits:  1200 & 2000.  They are easily damaged (torn or broken) if used with too much tension.  We sell a lot of them, but some customers have not been able to adapt their operations to make them work.

Finally, to create an incredibly smooth final cutting edge, the blue film belts provide a razor sharp, burr-free edge.

We now stock 1200 & 2000 in these sizes:

1 x 302 x 422 x 72  (Orders ship same day)

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