Mean Green Grinding Wheels

Our Mean Green “Original” (3/16″ thick) T27 Grinding Wheels are one of the most impressive products on the market today.  Made from a proprietary blend of 36 grit Premium grains, and unique resin system, these wheels are designed for rapid stock removal on the most demanding applications.  With less chatter, and a smoother grind than traditional grinding wheels, these can be used on everything from stainless, titanium, and armor plating to aluminum – without clogging up!

Mean Green “Max”   –  All the benefits of the Original Mean Green wheel, but in a thicker 1/4″ version for longer life.

Mean Green “Blackout” – (1/4″ thick) New for 2023.  Our most aggressive grinding wheel – up to 15% faster stock removal than other leading wheels on stainless welds. Made from a proprietary blend of 24 grit premium grains and unique resin system, these wheels are designed for extremely fast stock removal on stainless welds.

Please reach out to us with volume opportunities to get you in touch with local distributors.

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