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Knifemaking and Blacksmithing made easier with our premium abrasives designed for these difficult-to-grind materials.

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Mini Flap Discs (Zirc & Ceramic)

Zirc and Ceramic Mini Flap Discs are rigid and aggressive. The Zirc and Ceramic grains are ideal for quick and efficient stock removal and have a longer lifespan than traditional (single layer) quick change discs.

These Mini Flap Discs are designed to reduce heat build up, making them perfect for work with heat sensitive materials like stainless steel, steel, and other metals.

Note:  2” Type S discs must be used with steel mandrel #31560.
3” Type S discs can also use this mandrel, but can also be used with a conventional quick-lock holder #50254.

General Purpose - Surface Conditioning Quick Change Discs

General Purpose Surface Conditioning Discs are made from stiff, scrim backed material designed exclusively for disc use. These discs are the optimum choice for economical deburring on most metals, while still providing long life and the highest quality.

They are ideal for:

  • Deburring
  • Blending Machine Tool Marks
  • General Surface Cleaning
  • Gasket Removal
  • Heavy Rust and Oxidation Removal

Featured Category: Quick-Lock Discs

How to Create #4 Stainless Steel Finish

No. 4 finish is a popular polishing choice for several industries and products. It is characterized by short, parallel polishing lines and is the easiest of the stainless finishes to maintain. The final finish will depend on the material’s application and can range between 120 – 320 grit.

There are 4 basic steps for creating or blending a #4 stainless steel finish:

  1. Leveling the Weld – we suggest using either a Resin Fiber Sanding Disc or a Flap Disc
  2. Setting the Grain – we suggest using either a Belt or a Flap Wheel
  3. Final Finishing – we suggest using a Surface Condition Belt
  4. Final Blending/ Touch Up – we suggest using a Hand Pad

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