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Knife Making Kits!

Knifemaking and Blacksmithing are made easier with our premium selection of abrasives designed to work best on these difficult to grind materials!

Whether you are a veteran or novice, you will appreciate the variety of grits and backings of our most popular knife making belts that are included in all of our Starter Kits (ranging from 36 to 1200 grit).

High Performance Abrasives To Tackle Any Job!

With our wide variety of Coated and Non-woven Abrasives, we can supply you with the tooling needed to tackle any job. Whether you are grinding aluminum welds or putting a #4 food grade finish on stainless steel, we have the assortment of products to take you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to give our knowledgeable staff a call to help you find the best process for your application!

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We realize you have numerous places to shop for coated, bonded, and non-woven abrasives. On our site, you will find everything you need to get the job done! Whether you are looking to boost productivity with our High-Performance Firestorm Ceramic products or looking for cost savings with a general purpose material, you can count on us to deliver top quality abrasives for professional results!

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If you’re in the market for a quality 2 x 72 grinder, that is made in the USA, then we highly recommend Beaumont Metal Works (aka KMG Grinders).  They offer several options and many accessories….you’re sure to find what you need. Visit them at

Preferred Abrasives | Family Owned and Operated

Over 70 Years of Experience!

We are a family owned company with over 70 years of experience, and two generations in the abrasive industry.  Our team of experts have built our success by offering the customer an unprecedented level of service and technical support.
By using the best materials available for each product we offer. we can truly provide you with the total package when it comes to coated (sandpaper), bonded (cut-off wheels and mounted points), and non-woven abrasives (scotch bright type products)!


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