Metal Fabrication and Welding Abrasives

Metal Fab Shops often deal with a variety of metals such as mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum and stainless steel each pose different problems when sanding/grinding. When working with aluminum, “loading” is a very common problem. As for stainless steel, excessive heat can easily occur causing: glazing, poor abrasive life or part discoloration. Many shops do not want to stock separate abrasives for each type of metal they are working with. Fortunately, we offer a line of abrasives that excel in all these materials!

FIRESTORM CERAMIC ABRASIVES  We offer a complete line of high performance FIRESTORM CERAMIC ABRASIVES which have a proven track record of reducing sanding time and providing the lowest cost per grind. Firestorm products are available in the following forms: quick-lock discs, belts, flap discs, fiber discs, PSA discs, cartridge rolls, spiral bands, square pads & cross pads. They feature a special “top size” coating that reduces loading and temperatures of the workpiece which can prevent discoloration/bluing. Firestorm HP cut off wheels are also available for cutting most metals except aluminum.

Exceptional Abrasive Grain

Firestorm products are made with CERAMIC GRAIN. This innovative grain stays sharp and removes more material than other abrasive grains such as aluminum oxide or zirconia alumina. Each ceramic abrasive granule re-sharpens as it wears. By staying sharp, they cut rapidly through the entire life of the product, reducing operator fatigue as well as heat caused by dull grains.

Wide Variety of Metal Finishing Abrasives

Firestorm products are available in a very broad variety of items. Many suppliers of ceramic abrasives provide a limited variety of finished products, primarily belts, quick change discs and fiber discs. Besides these products, we also offer a full line of ceramic specialty abrasive products which include: PSA Discs, Spiral Bands, Cross Pads, Square Pads & Cartridge Rolls – all which offer long life and fast cutting characteristics.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our dedicated customer service staff can help you choose the right abrasive to meet your specific needs. Each staff member is capable of crossing over competitor’s products or part numbers and recommending products to improve performance. No need to wait for a reply from a Tech Support Department!


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