Unitized Wheels

XL wheels are a great choice for light deburring, and blending, as they provide a consistent, uniform finish. These wheels are smear resistant and have a long life.

“CP” (Clean & Polish) wheels are an excellent choice for light weld bead and weld splatter removal, heavy deburring, and finishing applications.  The thick nylon web and improved resin bond system allows these wheels to cut cooler, faster, and last longer, with minimal shredding.  Used for more demanding applications than XL wheels.

Please reach out to us with volume opportunities to get you in touch with local distributors.

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XL wheels – Better choice for light deburring and blending

    • Competes well against Norton Nex or 3M XL wheels

CP wheels – Best choice for light weld bead and weld spatter removal, heavy deburring and finishing applications

    • Competes well against Norton Vortex or 3M Cut & Polish wheels


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