2 x 72 Sanding Belts

See “Description” below for more information about each material.

Just released:  New Firestorm II

Prices reduced on all Firestorm Ceramic Belts!



  • CA/Y Plus (Stiff)          NEW – FIRESTORM II CERAMIC   “Prices Reduced”
    • Firestorm II is available in the following grits:  36,40, 50, 60,80,120. 
    • Firestorm II has a finer crystalline structure than our Original Firestorm material, allowing each mineral to resharpen more often providing longer life and faster cutting (up to 30% longer than our original Firestorm Ceramic material).
  • CA/X Plus (Stiff)          “Original” FIRESTORM CERAMIC  “Prices Reduced”
  • CA/J Plus (Flexible)    BLUE CERAMIC  “Prices Reduced”
  • ZA/Y Plus (Stiff)          GREEN ZIRC
  • AO/Y Plus (Stiff)            BROWN AO (Heavy Duty)     (Call for availability & price)
  • AO/X Std (Medium)      BROWN AO (General Purpose)
  • AO/J Plus (Flexible)     GREEN AO
  • AO Film (Flexible)        BLUE FILM with white velour backing
Surface Conditioning
  • Surface Conditioning belts can be used to perform detail work such as blending, polishing, cleaning, contour finishing, deburring edges, fine finishing, flat finishing, setting the grain, stainless steel finishing, and attaining straightline-brushed finishes on a variety of metals. They can be used on conventional belt machines and air sanders.
  • Works great in place of leather strops for honing the edge.  Can be used with or without compound.

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