2 x 72 Firestorm II Kit  (12 pcs.)


Buying as a kit is a better value than buying separately!

Includes the following:

  • 3 – 36 grit Firestorm II
  • 3 – 60 grit Firestorm II
  • 3 – 80 grit Firestorm II
  • 3 – 120 grit Firestorm II

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“New” – Firestorm Ceramic II (CA/Y Plus) 24-120Y Polyester

Longest Life & Fast Stock Removal – self sharpening
Our NEW Firestorm Ceramic II product.  Fast cutting with consistent scratch depth. New improved grain offers the longest life, it can last up to 30% longer than our Original Firestorm product.  It has a top-size grinding aid which helps resist loading & aids in cooling. It requires medium to heavy pressure to keep the grain sharp. It works well on most metal applications, but it excels on severe grinding applications. We consider this the best of all Ceramic Products! Very cool cutting & long life. Great for all metals, but especially titanium (2500sfpm). Designed for dry use, but can also be used wet. Very durable. Good for both narrow & wide belts. This is our most popular belt with knife makers & blacksmiths.

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