Procedures and “How To’s”

Industry procedures and instruction on a variety of “sand” topics… as per the experts!

How To Create a No.4 Stainless Steel Finish

A No. 4 Finish is the most popular for appliances, the food and beverage industry, elevators, escalators, hospitals, and any work area where there is food contact. Here’s the procedure we recommend for creating or blending this finish on stainless steel. READ HERE.

How To Measure The Length of a Sanding Belt

Prescribed measurement techniques to determine the correct belt size to fit your machine. Demonstrated with a a 1” x 30” long belt. READ HERE.

How To Choose the Correct Convolute Wheel

Each type of convolute wheel is specially designed for certain applications and uses. There are three primary variables to consider when making a selection for your next project. READ HERE.

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