Quick Change Sanding Discs

Quick Change Discs, also referred to as Quick Lock Discs, can be used for a host of purposes. Quick change discs provide the ideal shape and size for smaller work surfaces and tighter shape restrictions. When compared to PSA discs, these attachments can withstand the high temperatures generated during the grinding process without flying off. Quick Lock Discs can be used for both grinding and finishing. This category encompasses the following capabilities:

  • Weld removal
  • Removing weld splatter
  • Deburring
  • Edge breaking
  • Surface prep
  • Finishing

Quick Change Discs are available with 3 different locking styles:

  • Type S – Interchangeable with Norton Speed-Lok TS, Standard Abrasives or 3M TS, Merit Powerlock Type 2 (can be plastic or metal)
  • Type R – Interchangeable with Norton Speed-Lok TR, Standard Abrasives or 3M TR, Merit Powerlock Type 3
  • Type P – Interchangeable with Merit Type 1

Grain Types

The most common grains for a quick change disc are aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina, and ceramic. While all of these grain types can technically be used on any metal type, there are specific qualities inherent to each that make them better suited for specific types of applications.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide (AO) is a general-purpose grain that should be used on mild steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous materials. Aluminum Oxide is the oldest, most tried and true grain out of the bunch. Its versatility allows it to work on all metals, however, it is best used for mild steel as harder metals can cause it to wear down quickly. We offer two types:

  • AO Premium is our classic disc option, reinforced with a BLUE cloth backing meant to improve general stability and durability.
  • AO Extreme offers a different RED backing meant to increase rigidity and durability to an even greater degree. It also reduces edge wear and snagging.


Zirconia provides an upgrade in performance over aluminum oxide on mild or stainless steel. Zirconia offers re-sharpening capabilities as grains wear down, a notable improvement from Aluminum Oxide. This is our best middle-of-the-road option, providing improved capabilities compared to aluminum oxide but still offering a cost-effective price point.


Ceramic is our maximum performance material, operating best on mild or stainless steel, titanium and inconel. Ceramic can be especially useful in aerospace applications as it holds up to the hardness of the metal and does not wear down as quickly as other grain types might. Ceramic takes the re-sharpening function of Zirconia and improves it to an even greater degree, offering not only increased resilience to the hardness of metals but also high heat resistance.

Backing Pads

Our PREMIUM Backing Pads provide much-needed support for all grain types in order to improve performance. These pads provide ventilation to keep the abrasive cool as well as offer support to extend the life of the disc. Our TRADITIONAL RUBBER Backing Pads offer more flexibility when needed. Check out our selection of backing pads here.

Please reach out to us with volume opportunities to get you in touch with local distributors.

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