How to Measure the Length of a Sanding Belt

There are a couple of different ways to determine the correct belt size to fit your machine.  The pictures shown are for a 1” x 30” long belt. (dimensions listed width/length)

  1. If you have an old, worn out belt, simply cut the belt apart (straight cut). Measure the LENGTH of the belt from end to end.
  1. If you have a good belt that you don’t want to ruin, press it flat and measure from end to end.  Double this number and that is the length of your belt.  (15” x 2 = 30” Long)
  1. If you don’t have a belt to measure, you can use a piece of string.
    • Wrap it around the belt sander the same way you would put a belt on it. Cut the string so the ends meet up and then measure the string from end to end. To determine the width of the belt, you can measure the width of the roller or contact wheel the belt will run against.
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