1 x 30 Sanding Belts

  • One of our most popular sizes
  • In Stock, Same Day Shipping
  • Available in 10 or 50 packs
  • Knifemakers – For a great variety, order our 1 x 30 Starter Kit

Please reach out to us with volume opportunities to get you in touch with local distributors.


  •   ORIGINAL” FIRESTORM Ceramic      C/A/X Plus (Stiff)
    • Still a favorite on carbon steel, 400 series stainless and Inconel
  •   BLUE CERAMIC     CA/J Plus (Flexible)
    • Ideal when flexibility is needed or when finer grits are required (80-220-J)


  • ZA/Y Plus (Stiff)          GREEN ZIRC


  • AO/X Std (Medium)      BROWN AO (General Purpose)
  • AO/J Plus (Flexible)      GREEN AO
  • AO Film (Flexible)         BLUE FILM with white velour backing


  • Works great in place of leather strops for honing the edge.  Can be used with or without compound.


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