Deburring Wheels

“Premium XL” Deburring Wheels

“XL2” Heavy Deburring Wheels are also available with some sizes and grades:
These deburring wheels have an advanced resin system & high grain content make these wheels the best choice for rapid stock removal & heavy deburring.

Grade Characteristics     

  • 7 Hardness: Light Deburring Wheel.  Open web prevents loading.  Soft density prevents unintended metal removal.
  • 8  Hardness: Best starting point for new applications!  Good for medium deburring, blending and polishing.
  • 9   Hardness: Good wheel for heavier deburring & polishing.
  • 10 Hardness: Hardest wheel, offers superior edge retention.  Great for tough burs and sharp edges.

S = Silicon Carbide
F = Fine Grit
A = Aluminum Oxide
M = Medium Grit

Please reach out to us with volume opportunities to get you in touch with local distributors.

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