BELT (25 x 48)

AO/X Aluminum Oxide Standard
Aluminum Oxide, X-wt. 65/35% Poly/Cotton, 24-400 grit: This is our most popular AO Belt. With a great initial price point, the Poly/Cotton backing offers a durable belt with good grain retention. Great starting point for most metal applications.
AO/X Aluminum Oxide Open Coat
Aluminum Oxide, X-wt Cotton. 36-320 grit: This open coat belt makes it ideal for all wood applications as the grain sturcture helps to resist clogging. Dry use only.
AO/F Aluminum Oxide Paper
Aluminum Oxide, F-wt paper. 40-220 grit: This open coat, load-resistant abrasive belt is constructed on an F-weight paper backing. Features a static resistant treatment.


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