Resin Fiber Discs

Ceramic Resin Fiber Discs

RFD Ceramic Firestorm     FIRESTORM CERAMIC

Our NEWEST GENERATION ceramic grain. Works best on Medium to High pressure applications on heat sensitive materials such as stainless steel, titanium and other super alloys. The “Top Sized” grinding aid also allows it to perform well on aluminum without loading!

RFD Ceramic CS     “CS” CERAMIC

Carbon Steel doesn’t stand a chance against these ceramic alumina discs. The free cutting grain also excels on cast iron & fiberglass.

Zirc Resin Fiber Discs


Our “Zee Type” discs feature a “stiffer” fiber backing than most other discs. They are individually coated which enhances the grain retention on the edge. ZIRC is the better choice for aggressive grinding on most materials.

RFD Zirc PC     ZIRC “PC”  

Our general purpose Zirc discs provide the right combination of reliable quality with low price.

AO Resin Fiber Discs


Our “A Type” premium discs feature a Blend of Premium AO grains to enhance cutting rates.  They will outperform most competitors AO discs.

RFD AO PC      AO “PC”  

Our “C Type” general purpose AO discs feature a heavy fiber backing and a versatile AO grain.  Our most economical disc – for use on most metals.

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