Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order:  No minimum dollar amount, simply order in standard box quantities!

Standard Packages:  Each product is sold in standard package quantities only.

Made-to-order belts – many belts are made to order.  To reduce waste, we reserve the right to over/under ship by 10%.

Freight:  FREE SHIPPING on website orders totaling $299 or more within the continental United States. (We will ship to 1 location via our choice of carrier).  For orders under $299, freight will be added.

Payment Options:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover

Order Cancelation: Orders for made-to-order items cannot be cancelled once production has been started.

Quality:  At Preferred Abrasives we take great pride in the quality products, and materials that we supply.  In the event that there is a defective product, please bring it out our attention immediately so that we may resolve the issue in a timely manner.   Please keep all defective products so that they may be returned for evaluation.

Returned Goods: Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number must be obtained from Preferred Abrasives before returning any merchandise, for any reason.  If you need to contact us, our customer service department is available from 8-5 pm EST, Monday thru Friday (800-729-5702).

Liability: Preferred Abrasives liability is limited to a maximum of the invoiced price.  Preferred Abrasives is not liable for any damage caused by the product to the buyer, the buyer’s premises, equipment, or any other people that may encounter the product through misuse of the buyer or through any defect of product therein.  The buyer accepts the product at their own risk and specifically agrees that they shall hold the seller Preferred Abrasives free of any liability attributable to the placement of the product on the buyer premises.  Sanding or cutting applications do carry an inherent risk to the machine operator and those people in the immediate area.  Proper machine operation, and appropriate safety precautions must be takin in order to minimize the risk of injury or bodily harm.

Proof of Delivery: A request for proof of delivery should be made within 30 days of the receipt of the merchandise.  We will not accept responsibility for shortages that are not reported within 14 days of the receipt of merchandise.  Receipt of damaged goods should be reported immediately to Preferred Abrasives, and indicated on the B/L and reported to the carrier.

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