AO Extreme Quick-Lock Discs

New “Proprietary Blend” of AO & ceramic grain. Tests confirm they significantly outperform the competition's top AO products on most applications. Discs have an extra durable 2-ply red backing which reduces edge wear & snagging.

Type “P” Equal To:
Norton Speed-Lock TP ®
Standard Abrasives TP ®
Merit Powerlock Type I ®
3M Roloc TP ®

TYPE “S” Equal To:
Note: The Type “S” Button on our “Extreme” discs are made of metal.
Norton Speed-Lok TS ®
Standard Abr. SocAtt ®
Merit Powerlock Type II ®
3M Roloc TS ®

TYPE “R” Equal To:
Norton Speed-Lok TR ®
Standard Abr. Lockit ®
Merit Powerlock Type III ®
3M Roloc TR ®

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