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Knife Making Supplies – Sandpaper and Abrasives

Knife making and Blacksmithing both require top quality abrasives.  Whether it’s high carbon steel or high alloy, most metals used in these trades can be quite difficult to grind or sand.  When grinding plunge lines, belts that run true are an absolute necessity to knife makers.  Our customers regularly complement us on how true our belts run, as well as the reliability and integrity of our belt joints.

Both of these industries often use these popular size belts (1 x 30, 2 x 42 and 2 x 72).   We stock nearly every variety of grain & flexibility from 36 to 2000 grit in these sizes.  We also stock 4 grits of 1 x 72 Scalloped Edge belts for immediate delivery.  Most of these orders are shipped from stock – place your order by 4:30 PM EST and your order will ship the same day! 

Belt Starter Kits –  Great assortment for Knife Making and Knife Sharpening!

Starter Kit 1X30 belts

We were the creators of the original “2 x 72 Starter Kit” to help you determine which grade or flexibility works best for your application. That kit was so successful, that we now offer several additional test kits.  Test kits are priced as if you were buying full box quantities of each item.

Click on the size below to order or to see the contents of each kit.

New Knife making Items in stock:

Firestorm Ceramic Belts

CA/Y Firestorm Ceramic Plus 2 x 72 (10/box)

For aggressive grinding and blade shaping, users are enjoying the best results with our newest generation ceramic belts:

Firestorm Ceramic Belts (grits 36 to 120) featuring a durable polyester backing, and top sized grinding aid that helps reduce work piece temperatures and loading. Designed for dry use, but can be used wet.

For stock removal on knives, ceramic belts are the most productive. While all brands of ceramic provide self-sharpening characteristics & high stock removal rates, they are NOT all created equal! Our Firestorm belts feature the latest grain technology. Their unique micro-crystalline grain structure provides for “thousands” of new cutting points throughout the life of the product enhancing the cut rate and overall life. They don’t require as much pressure and many customers have reported 30-40% longer life than competitors ceramic belts. Many of our customers prefer these belts over Blaze® or Cubitron II® products.

NEW !!   When you need ceramic in grits 180 or 220, we now offer a soft J-Flex Blue Ceramic belt.   (Both grits are available from stock in these sizes: 1 x 30, 2 x 42  & 2 x 72)

When you need grits finer than 220, we offer a variety of aluminum oxide products. (See details below)

Zirconia Alumina Narrow Cloth Belts

ZA/Y Zirc Plus 2 x 72 (10/box)

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Firestorm Ceramic belts, sales of our Zirconia belts have dropped off significantly and we no longer stock them for immediate shipment.  For those customers that still want Zirconia, we will be happy to make them – with a 10 pc. minimum per grit.

Zirconia Alumina, Y-wt. 100% Poly, 24-120 grit: This is the “Original” Green Belt. Today it is still the top performing Zirc belt on the market. Featuring a durable polyester backing, and top sized grinding aid that helps reduce work piece temperatures and loading. Heavy pressure helps to properly break down the grains and keep these belts sharp. Good choice for your hard to grind metals.  It even excels on aluminum, due to the grinding aid which helps prevent loading. Designed for dry use, but can be used wet.

Aluminum Oxide Narrow Cloth Belts

AO/X AO Standard and AO/J Plus 2 x 72 (10/Box)

Aluminum Oxide (A/O) works great on steel, wood or composite materials.

AO is available in several backings.

  • Stiff Y-wt.
  • General purpose X-wt.
  • Soft J-wt.

Our  Green J-Flex is our most popular AO J-wt. belt. It is stocked from 80-600 grit and the extra flexible 100% cotton backing works well for customers who like to tear their belts to a narrower width. For 800 grit, we offer a Brown J-Flex A/O material.

Finally, to create an incredibly smooth cutting edge, we stock 1200 & 2000 grit in a Blue Film belt.


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